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6 Ways to Access Your Healthcare Analytics Data with Deerwalk

Posted by Jeff Rick on June 02, 2016

 FlexibilityI was recently on a call talking with a potential customer about our healthcare analytics service and during that conversation there were lots of questions about how to easily get the information stored in and delivered by our analytics application into various different audience’s hands.  During this conversation I went through and identified the various ways the clients can get access to the data and how they could potentially use those methods to deliver meaningful reports and analysis to their customers, above and beyond the reporting functionality available in our healthcare analytics application.  

After the call it occurred to me that we have been asked this question a lot lately, as it’s a common problem that healthcare payers and brokers are trying to solve – flexibility in accessing data for custom reporting.  Unlike most traditional Population Health Management platforms, where clients are stuck using pre-canned reports, .  This is possible because of our use of Hadoop for data processing, our ability to aggregate and work with unstructured data, and our service-oriented architecture makes it easy for us work with all types of data and expose them in many ways.

So I decided to write a 7-part weekly blog series detailing the different ways Deerwalk can expose data for our customers.  So here I give you “6 Ways to Access Your Healthcare Analytics Data”:

  1. Plan Analytics Web User Interface
  2. Through the Deerwalk Analytic Service REST API.
  3. Extracts of the data and analytics delivered to your SFTP account
  4. The extracts loaded into an Amazon hosted Redshift cluster
  5. The OData open source query protocol
  6. The new Deerwalk Template Manager

 Look for next week’s installment will about the Plan Analytics Web User Interface.

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