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Localhem Case Study

Posted by Deerwalk on November 11, 2011

Client Profile

The application is an online shopping portal which provides a platform for boutiques around all over the US to sell their designer product lines. People from all around the world can shop all the best brick-and-mortar boutiques from this one site. Regardless of where someone lives they can stay in touch and shop their favorite stores. For example a person in Seattle who transfers from Boston can still shop their favorite boutiques on Newberry Street from the Northwest.

Business Situation

Boutiques are small independently owned localized retail shops specializing in gifts, fashionable clothes, and accessories that perfectly match-up with the uniqueness of local surroundings. The owners of these stores take such pride in their offerings; they speak with a true enthusiasm for each and every piece they have chosen for the shelves. It provides a backdrop for the people who want to take some time off in their busy schedule shopping around for their local favorite items. However, as people move on, they lose touch with the unique items that these boutiques around their neighborhood provide. What they need is that one place where they can shop all the best items that these boutiques have to offer.


The application Deerwalk implemented for the client provides a perfect online solution for these types of people who want to shop around the best boutiques all over the world – all from one place.It provides different views to different users

  • Admin users can easily add boutiques in this application. They can also manage sales/orders for all boutiques.
  • Boutique Admin users can manage details of boutiques, maintain inventory and track orders for sold items.
  • Shoppers can browse merchandise from different boutiques on this web portal so that people can see them, like them, and buy them online, without having to visit from places to places.


  • The application allows boutiques to setup their online store quickly and easily.
  • Boutiques have deepened their relationship with existing customers while attracting new shoppers as well.
  • Shoppers can shop from different boutiques from single web portal.

Testimonial from the client

"From the very beginning of the project,Deerwalk took the time to understand the most essential needs of our start-up and found a way to meet them in the most cost-effective ways possible.  They were flexible and creative in their solutions and we ended up with a website that exceeded the expectations of our boutique clients.  As our company grows, we will be turning to Deerwalk to grow the site along with us."

Products Used

  • Grails
  • MySQL Server
  • Tomcat Server
  • jQuery


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