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Deerwalk Picnic 2015

Posted by Deerwalk on October 07, 2015

DeerwalkPicnic2015-3.jpgEdward Hausman
The 2015 Deerwalk Picnic was held at the Norling Resort just outside of Kathmandu. It provided an attractive setting for an enjoyable day. Certainly it was impressive to see how much the company has grown since my first picnic with the company back in 2013.

A series of short speeches by people named Jeff kicked off the festivities. Then there were some games – tug-of-war, goal scoring, word games – before the food and drink service started; and we brought in a DJ for the second half of the program to keep the dance floor optimized. There were also several musical performances that everyone enjoyed. There was even a raffle in which I won a coupon to go swimming in the Norling Resort’s pool – you can imagine how excited I was. I am told that eight hundred cans of Tuborg Beer were purchased for this event, as well as two hundred and forty cans of Diet Coke. Clearly, no expense was spared and everyone had a nice time as far as I can remember. I think everyone took advantage of the opportunity to socialize with their coworkers.

Hilary Towle
On Saturday, September 26 I experienced my first Deerwalk company picnic at the Grand Norling Resort in Kathmandu. I arrived on the last bus of attendees and was immediately greeted with tea, coffee, and cookies on the beautiful grounds of the resort’s communal space. It was a fancier set-up than I was expecting, but really lovely. Jeff Gasser and Jeff Rick who were visiting from the US opened the picnic with a few words each on the growth of Deerwalk as a company and the contributions that each of the employees have made to its success. Their small speeches were a nice way to kick-off the event and affirm for everyone there that they are valued and appreciated. Then, the games began! The most entertaining game was tug-of-war where some fierce and friendly competition ensued. I was lucky enough to participate in the ball through tire game. The open bar I’m sure helped fuel everyone’s competitive streak as well as the super fun dancing that eventually consumed the open space. Door prizes were given out throughout the course of the picnic and I was lucky to be one of the recipients of two free swim passes for the Grand Norling Resort! I can’t wait to use them. Around lunchtime, a few Deerwalk employees provided performances for our entertainment. I enjoyed getting to witness the hidden talents of some of my colleagues here. All in all it was a wonderfully fun day that I know boosted company morale, made all of the employees feel appreciated, and created lasting memories.


Word Making Game SQUAD C
 Goal Scoring Game SQUAD B
 Tug-of-war SQUAD C


Shine (Collective Soul)  Gautam Acharya, Rikesh Shrestha, Anwesh Tuladhar and Shishir Rai
Jati Maya Laye Pani (1974AD Cover Gautam Acharya, Rikesh Shrestha, Anwesh Tuladhar and Shishir Rai
Aagnai Bhari (Nepathya)  Bikram Gautam, Sajan Dhar Shakya, Sujesh Shakya and Rikesh Shreshta
German Ko Dhaba  Aakash Guragain and Anand Pd. Jaisy
Main Tenu Samjhawa Hima Tamang


Corporate Activity Club Prasanna Pandey, Raghu Nath Pathak, Aakash Guragain, Nuja Joshi
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