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Making EMR Doctor-Friendly

Posted by Himal Karmacharya on January 15, 2010

In a speech in January 2009, President Obama said Electronic Medical Records (EMR) would "cut waste, eliminate red tape and reduce the need to repeat expensive medical tests. It just won't save billions of dollars and thousands of jobs — it will save lives by reducing the deadly but preventable medical errors that pervade our healthcare system."

Don’t Ignore the Obvious!

Posted by TechGuru on January 14, 2010

Why do we not pay attention to obvious messages and statements? Why do we repeatedly fail to appreciate those who point out the obvious? What role do obvious statements have in our lives? These are not common questions, because many do not stop to ponder on them. The few who do pay attention to the “obvious” have a chance at being stupendously successful.

Open and Close Case

Posted by Ashay Thakur on January 14, 2010

Open has been synonymous to innovation, value, and freedom of choice for some years now. More importantly, it is being seen as a profitable and competitive working environment for businesses. A lot more companies claim openness now, more so because it is good for brand. What is Open though? Open technology includes open source, that the code is released and supported and that accepted standards are adhered to.

No-Nonsense Management Tips for Young Managers

Posted by TechGuru on December 16, 2009

Many employees get early promotions either because they excel as individual contributors and are hungry for management positions or organizations, always seeking new managers, end up with no choice but to promote their star performers.

Fall of Costly Database Systems from Oracle, Microsoft and IBM

Posted by TechGuru on December 14, 2009

About 10 years back none of us would have thought that MySQL would be household name in the field of information technology.

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