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Deerwalk Campus Inauguration

Posted by Deerwalk on November 21, 2011

Deerwalk Campus inagurationDeerwalk Campus inagurationDeerwalk Campus inaguration

The Honorable Scott H. DeLisi, Ambassador of the Unites States of America, inaugurated the Deerwalk Campus today. The campus houses the Deerwalk Institute of Technology and Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd.. During the event, Dr. Rudra Pandey, Executive Chairman, Deerwalk Inc., welcomed the Ambassador to the new facility. The Ambassador spoke during the event and reiterated his pleasure in participating in the program. In front of about 100 employees and students, he said, "In my view, the real future of Nepal is not in Singha Durbar, but in places like here at the Deerwalk campus".

He pointed to the youth of the country as the people who would drive the country, and said how Nepal was in a great place as 75% of the country was below the age of 35. The challenge would be to create job opportunities for them, so we can reverse the brain drain. And for that, he earmarked the industry-academia partnership of Deerwalk and DWIT as a great example. He highlighted the cooperation between private sector, Tribhuvan University and individuals who made the establishment of the school and construction of this complex possible.

After the formal session, the ambassador had a small breakout session with the audience. He answered questions, and heard feedback about the US role in Nepal from an almost exclusively young crowd.

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