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Deerwalk, Inc. Pioneers The Development Of Data Waste Management

Posted by Deerwalk on August 03, 2010

Software engineering firm powered by healthcare industry experts establishes new, vital systems for scrubbing, organizing, and optimizing healthcare data

August 3, 2010 (Lexington, Mass.) – The technology experts at Deerwalk, Inc. (, a Massachusetts-based software engineering firm, are staking claim over the phrase “Data Waste Management” in their efforts to lead the way in cleaning up the cluttered world of healthcare information technology.

"Everybody needs somebody’s data, but the labor-intensive act of cleaning and scrubbing data has been a messy, in-house, expensive task until now," said the president of Deerwalk, Rudra Pandey, Ph.D. "We’ve created a cost-effective system to dig through the data, eliminate the waste, organize it in a client’s preferred layout, and thereby provide the most useful information."

Also specializing in application development, integration, and deployment, Deerwalk is positioning itself to be a leader in accurate data transformation. Led by Pandey, the Deerwalk team has created a proprietary, five-phase, data-engineering model for an efficient and repeatable data acquisition process to transform “raw” data into standardized, complete, and accurate format. Deerwalk performs data extraction, mapping, aggregation, and loading via its “Center for Data Transformation.” The final data forms the foundation for comprehensive analysis and business intelligence.

Deerwalk picks-up where others in the industry are falling short. The following defines Deerwalk’s waste management systems:

  • Transformation is beyond the initial act of “scrubbing” the data;
  • Processes include any application of business rules and corporate policies;
  • Standards of completeness, accuracy, cut-off, and reasonability are applied;
  • Data is reconciled to key financial and accounting control accounts;
  • Processes are performed in optimal frequencies: daily, weekly, or monthly as needed;
  • Detail data validation and quality reports are designed to ensure credible analysis; and
  • Less expensive costs than automated tools (ETL) requiring in-house training and planning.

“Data Waste Management is like turning crude oil into the high-octane fuel needed to power the healthcare industry,” said Jeff Gasser, executive vice president of Deerwalk. “Data associated with labs, medical claims, prescription claims, and electronic medical records are all endlessly expanding and perpetuating the need for providers, hospitals, insurance carriers, and countless other third-party administrators to analyze healthcare data.”

Gasser and Pandey both believe that clean and clear data along with decision-support tools are the key to efficiently running the medical and insurance industries. Rightfully forming this opinion, the two are no strangers to innovative technology advancements in healthcare. Gasser and Pandey were two of the co-founders of the data analytic solutions firm D2Hawkeye, Inc., which was sold to Verisk Analytics in 2009. Pandey then became chief operating officer of Verisk Health, healthcare subsidiary of publicly held Verisk Analytics.

Pandey is known for visionary leadership in the software and technology industry, particularly in healthcare. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate degree in economics from Northeastern University in Boston. Pandey, who was born in Nepal but currently resides in Boston, grew Verisk Health’s Nepal operations to 300 engineers and delivered all of its product development and data management services using a highly successful off-shore model. Deerwalk also has a large development center in Nepal, in addition to its operations in the United States.

“Rudra Pandey has made quite a mark on the technology industry, and, honestly, he could be considered the Bill Gates of Nepal,” said Gasser, who has worked with Pandey on various projects for nearly 10 years.

Gasser began his career as a certified public accountant working primarily with healthcare clients. A graduate of the University of Tampa, Gasser proceeded to build over 30 years of diversified experience in all facets of healthcare and health benefits. As a healthcare analytics expert, he has been a co-founder of several companies in the healthcare industry and has served as a senior advisor to many others.

Gasser concluded that working with Pandey and Deerwalk’s technology team to help build a Data Waste Management industry could be his “most groundbreaking collaboration yet.”


Established in 2009, Deerwalk, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based software engineering firm with a large development center in Nepal. Its solutions apply a cost-efficient and high-quality offshore model with full onshore client support and project management resources. Led by Rudra Pandey, Ph.D., Deerwalk’s executive team consists of experts in data analytics specializing in the development of decision-support tools for the medical and insurance industries. The firm provides technology consulting and solutions to corporations, hospitals, universities, providers, insurers, brokers, stop loss carriers, and third-party administrators among others. The firm’s offerings include application development from definition to deployment; data extraction, mapping, aggregation, and reporting; enhancement and/or modification of legacy applications; application integration; service side management; corporate website development and maintenance; as well as data waste management. The firm is committed to giving the highest quality services to its clients, at the most competitive prices.

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