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Small Businesses Gain Access To Big Corporate Solutions

Posted by Deerwalk on February 10, 2011

Deerwalk couples U.S. project management with offshore pricing for business process outsourcing (BPO), websites, and software development.
Rudra Pandey

Feb. 10, 2011 (Lexington, Mass.) – Deerwalk, Inc., a software engineering firm specializing in big label enterprise software, is rolling out the cost-saving benefits of offshore technology to small businesses.

Overseas operations had been limited to those with vast financial resources. Also, many foreign firms bringing low-cost software development and business processing to the United States have struggled to overcome management-style differences and contracting issues. Deerwalk, however, is combining western-style management with an offshore technology base to provide a cost advantage to small business.

"Small businesses get the highest quality at the lowest global prices by leveraging an offshore model that has previously been exclusive to larger corporations," said Rudra Pandey, Ph.D., president of Deerwalk

Pandey's experience includes co-founding multi-million dollar software engineering firms using an offshore model. Born in Nepal and earning a doctorate degree in economics from Northeastern University in Boston, Pandey’s Deerwalk team includes executives with proven track records, U.S.-based project managers, and offshore developers working in Deerwalk's development center in Nepal.

"Using the latest technologies and global resources, Deerwalk gets projects done quickly and efficiently for clients," said Jeffrey Gasser, executive vice president of Deerwalk.

Deerwalk’s small business solutions start with a project as small as designing a slick website at $500 and can include customized enterprise applications and full-fledged BPO.

"While building our customized systems and data applications, Deerwalk has offered fair and flexible pricing that is sensitive to our start-up budget,” said Dr. Frank Middleton, president of Carolina Medical Homes, based in Columbia, SC. " Like a strategic business partner, they’ve provided extraordinary project management with progress updates and a straightforward conversation with no barriers."

Established in 2009, Deerwalk, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based software engineering firm with a large development center in Nepal. Its solutions apply a cost-efficient and high-quality offshore model with full onshore client support and project management resources. Deerwalk provides technology consulting and solutions to small businesses, corporations, hospitals, universities, providers, insurers, brokers, stop loss carriers, and third-party administrators among others. Deerwalk offers: application development, data extraction, mapping and enhancement of legacy applications, application integration, data waste management, and website development with maintenance.

For additional information, contact:
Jeffrey Gasser, Executive Vice President
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