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Deerwalk Plan Analytics and Health Policy Review:  A Winning Combination

Posted by Jo Anne Hunt on July 19, 2018

Health care data analysis allows organizations to gain insights into patterns and correlations found in their member populations. Lacking those insights, an organization may be basing its population health management decisions on inference and conjecture with little evidence to support its decisions.

The Promise of Integrated Healthcare Management Fulfilled

Posted by Jo Anne Hunt on June 19, 2018

Health organizations across the United States have jumped onto the population health management bandwagon striving to provide efficient care management services while lowering plan members’ health risks and costs. The desire to identify members with modifiable risks — while aligning care management services to fit the population’s needs — is pushing healthcare organizations toward advanced data management platforms, migrating to data-supported care management programs. Deerwalk’s integrated[...]

Noteworthy or Just Another Episode? Exploring Episode of Care in a Value-Based Care Environment

Posted by Jo Anne Hunt on June 05, 2018

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