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The Carenet Extended Team

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on May 07, 2013

Throughout my career I have been a part of different IT offshore businesses at different levels and I have found the field to be very challenging. Challenging because of the immaturity of the IT field, geographical separation and cultural differences rather than the novelty of the model itself.

SQL Query Optimization (Part 2) - Optimizing Queries With Indexes

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on December 13, 2011

Continuing from the previous part This post continues with details on the role indexes play in SQL queries and how to use indexes effeciently to make our queries better.

SQL Query Optimization (Part 1) - Introduction To Execution Plans and Indexes

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on December 12, 2011

As data engineers, our work time is mostly consumed with writing queries that produce the desired output or with designing systems that can properly capture the required data. However, we frequently run across situations where we also need to optimize our queries for efficiency. As entry level data engineers, (or even when we have gained much experience) we might tend to believe that all queries that produce equal output must be equivalent in resource consumption. This is a misconception[...]

Introduction to Non-Relational Data Storage using Hbase

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on May 05, 2011

Big Talk About BigTable

Relational Databases have hegemony on the way data has been stored. Proponents of Relational Database emphasize on normalization for valid reasons. Maintainability, Integrity (summed up in ACID) and Security has been the primary focus of classical relational database problems. Backed by Moore’s law it was easy to theorize that processing speed would inevitably be a trivial factor over other engineering problems like consistency and integrity. In some sense that is[...]

PayPal integrated user registration Drupal 7 module an overview

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on May 04, 2011

A large benefit of using a Content Management System (CMS) like Drupal is the off-the-shelf modules that can be used to extend the functionality. Drupal has a strong community of developers and has modules for even the most arcane features and if a module doesn’t exist, we either tweak an existing module or build a new one. Recently we decided to build a project for a client that used Drupal 7 and found the modules to be lacking. While Drupal 7 introduced many good features to facilitate[...]

Deploying Custom Forms to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Posted by Sushanta Pokharel on January 21, 2011


Microsoft describes SharePoint as a “Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web”. This product does not provide a single service but a family of services possibly spanning multiple machines. The different services have been made available under different packages, such as WSS (foundation server), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), and Microsoft Search Server. Initially SharePoint was just a combination of two separate products, one of which was for[...]

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