Binit's Internship at Deerwalk

Posted by Binit Shrestha on August 27, 2013

It was a normal evening in June when I was asked to visit Mr. Rudra Pandey in Lexington, Massachusetts. Upon arrival, I was greeted by several people like Aayush Dhamala, and was asked many questions involving my school, my life, and interests in the future. After our long conversation, Mr. Pandey finally offered me a five-week summer internship position at his software development company, Deerwalk Services. I gladly accepted but then was told that this job would be in Nepal. Many thoughts rushed through my head. This would be my first job ever and would be a great opportunity to learn more about my passion in computer science. However, this would also mean that I would have to leave my family and friends for a majority of summer. Nevertheless, I was excited for my upcoming summer experience.

My name is Binit Shrestha and I am a fifteen year old Nepalese boy that currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts. I had never traveled out-of-state by myself before this internship so flying halfway around the world alone was definitely a big milestone for me. As I arrived in the foreign landing strip of Nepal, I thought about what I actually just got myself into and had a big reality check. But, seeing Nepal and all my family members after my last visit two years ago was definitely comforting and took my mind off of my family and friends back in America.

I was scheduled to be an intern from July 8 to August 9; working from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM every weekday. On the morning of my first day of work, I was feeling very anxious as I waited for the Deerwalk van. As the van approached me, the enthusiastic Kedar Khadka welcomed me in and made me feel a little more relaxed. I was still feeling pretty nervous riding on the van until a fellow Deerwalk employee, Sandeep Neupane, chatted with me and made me feel less like a stranger. Every person in that first van ride was very nice and welcoming, which made me feel a whole lot better. After I entered the complex, I was sent to the Admin room to sign the contract and be handed to my mentor, Kanchan Raj Pandey. During the course of the whole day, Kanchan energetically taught me HTML and CSS; making sure that I grasped every concept there was to learn. At the same time, Kanchan was introducing me to the Deerwalk Design team. I remember the first day we all had lunch; none of them thought I knew how to speak Nepali so they were all trying their best to communicate with me in English. After work was over for the day, I returned home very tired but, at the same time, I was relieved that I was working in a place where I could learn a great amount and where I felt welcomed.

The first week of the internship was definitely the hardest week. Every day, I had to wake up at 7:00 AM, go to work and come back home at 7:30 PM. This schedule is very arduous and was completely different than what I was used to. Also, Kanchan was teaching me new things about graphic and web design every day. In addition, even though everyone was really friendly, I did not really have people that I could actually talk to and consider a friend. As the first week was over, I had learned more than I had ever learned before.

After the first week was over, the following four weeks flew by very quickly. I was getting used to the normal routine of work and the completely different environment of Nepal. While I was learning more from Kanchan, I started to talk and get to know the design team better. Afterwards, I actually began to know their names: Nimesh Deuja, Subash Aryal, Milan Lohani, Shukra Shrestha, Sunil Manandhar, Sushil Kapali, and Pratik Shrestha. It did not feel like these were my coworkers anymore; it felt like we were all brothers.

As I got more used to Deerwalk, I began participating more in Deerwalk activities. I started out simply by starting to play basketball and carrom with some other workers; I began making new friends that I would see every day. Soon I was asked to be a part of the Deerwalk Futsal Tournament 2013. Through the tournament, I was able to enjoy playing my favorite sport and become even closer to my colleagues. [The pictures from my first game is available here.]

After being involved with the tournament, I was then asked to go on a hike to the White Gumba. I hiked alongside seven others and enjoyed every moment of the experience. The hike not only showed me more about Nepali culture but showed me the beauty of Nepal. [The hiking report is available here.] All the events I have been a part of in this internship will always be cherished.

As my internship continued, I began learning a great amount and was proud of my achievement. Kanchan began teaching me Wordpress and more advanced web design technologies such as jQuery. Soon enough, I was able to make my own website and impress others with my work. In my third week at Deerwalk, Kanchan came up to me and gave me my first real-time project. This made me very excited and proud that I had learned enough to contribute to the company. After the first project, I was given many other projects and tasks to complete. Every day, there was something different to do; one day, I had to make a logo for Deerwalk, the other day I would have to help slice a website. I always had an enjoyable and informational time working on projects.

My time at Deerwalk has been way over my expectations. I have learned stuff about web design that I never even knew existed. I am now able to do so much more; like make a website that everyone in the world can see. Even though this was my first job ever, this did not feel like a job, it was like a family. Every day, I was happy to go to work and see my welcoming colleagues. I enjoyed every moment of working here and the time passed by very quickly. This internship has further raised my interest in computer science and has made me experience the working field. I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this experience and would like to hopefully see them again in the near future.

Binit Shrestha Binit Shrestha interned at Deerwalk Services from July 8 to August 9, 2013 and is currently a Senior at Medford High School, Massachusetts.