Deerwalk Customers Benefit from Big Data Technology

Posted by Rudra Pandey on April 11, 2014

Our customers can enjoy the benefits of true Big Data Technology with Deerwalk's Reporting and Analytics platform, Makalu. It allows users to select a section of any population and produce analytics for that selection on the fly. The population can be selected using one or more of the following criteria:

Disease conditions Disease conditions
Key Procedures Key Procedures (office visits, admissions, ER visits and more)
Service and paid dates Service and paid dates
Quality compliance Quality compliance
Population management Population management programs
Health Risk Assessment survey responses Health Risk Assessment survey responses
Lab results Lab results
Provider Affiliation Provider affiliation
Member demography Member demography
Drug utilization Drug utilization

and more.

This feature allows for measuring cost, utilization and quality on dynamic populations and lets employers and payers assess the effectiveness of various benefit and population management plans. This also gives payers a view of which sections of their population they can or need to pay attention to in order to control costs and improve quality.

This feature is very unique and is only possible if the platform has been built using the state-of-the-art Big Data technology. Please contact the Deerwalk team for a demo of this feature. We are obviously very proud of it.