Deerwalk Solution Set for ACOs

Posted by Rudra Pandey on February 06, 2014

For the last couple of years our team have been working very hard to prepare a complete solution set for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). We now have the pieces together to provide end-to-end solutions to ACOs. As we all know, ACOs need to digest information from discrete sources like EMRs, Lab, Hospital systems, Claims systems, PBMs and so on. They have to meet quality as well as financial targets to remain competitive. They can't do so if they do not have the operation tools to measure those targets. Deerwalk's Big Data platform analyzes data from discrete sources and provides ACOs the opportunity to track healthcare utilization and quality metrics from multiple angles and levels. Our care management platform, Everest, allows ACOs to manage patient care by constantly monitoring quality metrics and care gaps at the member and group levels. In addition, members can be kept alert by giving them access to Deerwalk's member portal through which they can check care gaps and take part in Health Risk Assessment Surveys.

Some of the features our solution set has are:

  1. NCQA certified HEDIS measurement and reporting
  2. Industry standard and clinically accepted quality metrics through Deerwalk Quality of Care module
  3. Ability to compare PCPs performance through Episode grouping
  4. Compare PCPs for various utilization metrics like admit rate, re-admit rate, ER visit rates, etc.
  5. Care management platform for nurses and health coaches
  6. Ability to dive into member medical detail
  7. Ability to analyze lab results and EMR content
  8. Prediction of group as well as member risk and cost
  9. Benchmark cost and utilization metrics
  10. Ability to manage and report on member cohort dynamically
  11. Customized reports and dashboard
  12. Dynamic search and drilling

These are just few features that our solution set has. We believe that we offer the best solution set at a price no one in the industry can meet. We do this by leveraging state-of-the-art technology in data processing, analytics and hosting. Our solution set is available in the cloud as well as in a client's data center, if desired.