Internship at Deerwalk: My Experience

Posted by Neil Pandey on August 08, 2013

I had an enjoyable and educational internship at Deerwalk Services. My four weeks here have been a truly enriching learning experience and below, I will briefly describe my internship experience.

I have always had an interest in computers. As I would be going to college next year, I needed to make a decision as to what subject field I would specialize in. So, I was hoping for an internship experience that would help me gain clarity. This unique opportunity to intern at Deerwalk helped me clarify my doubts and convince me that computers/IT should be my chosen field of study.

A typical day would entail me arriving at the workplace at 9 AM. I would first, as per the ritual here, greet every one of my colleagues with a brief handshake before proceeding to work on several of the tasks my mentor had assigned to me. Working with the Quality Assurance (QA) team, I was able to gain a deep insight into Deerwalk's operations and the business as a whole. Here, one of my responsibilities included conducting tests for some of Deerwalk’s products: this particular task allowed me to learn a significant amount about software testing. Additionally, I also learneda great dealabout the software development process and the different approaches to software development.

Furthermore, I was introduced to several of Deerwalk’s products. One of the products that stood out to me the most was Makalu, a data analytics platform. I also worked with Everest, a care coordination solution application, and Yala, a member portal. Although I did not get a hands-on experience with product development owing to my limited programming skills, I was still able to gain a sound understanding of the various programming platforms and their applications.

Moreover, this internship was a great eye opener for me in terms of giving me an exposure to the huge scope for Nepali software engineers and firms to provide software engineering services abroad.

I also learned a lot from the work culture at Deerwalk. The workforce is comprised of highly talented, motivated and dynamic individuals. I was particularly impressed by the strong sense of fraternity among fellow colleagues. The relationships were family like and close-knit and everybody was immensely supportive of one another. I personally talked to more than thirty people in the company in different functions and roles including people from the top management, which was incredible. Everyone was approachable and would readily address my questions and queries; this helped me in enriching my understanding of the business significantly. I also learnt about the importance of teamwork in successful execution of assignments.

In addition, I was impressed by the facilities available to staff at Deerwalk. At around 12, everybody usually made their way to the canteen for lunch. Orders were placed in advance through a highly systematic and efficient online ordering system, making ordering lunch a breeze. While a workplace canteen had always loomed in my imagination as a place for mediocre and insipid food, what the Deerwalk canteen had to offer was quite the opposite !In contrast to my preconceived notion, the food at the canteen was excellent and the menu offered a great choice of dishes to cater to a variety of tastes. The canteen environment was maintained well and hygienic. The canteen staff was incredibly service oriented and friendly as well.

Recreational facilities at Deerwalk such as the table tennis tables and carrom boards were very popular among staff and it helped them take relaxing breaks from their work. Here, I have a suggestion: maybe gym facilities would help to further motivate staff and increase productivity as well.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I had at Deerwalk and would like to thank the organization for giving me this brilliant opportunity to be a part of its vibrant family. The four weeks at Deerwalk have been very beneficial to me and I will cherish this experience. I hope to be in touch and return to the company in the future.

Neil Pandéy Neil Pandéy interned at Deerwalk Services from June 17 to July 12, 2013 and is currently a Year 13 student at The British School, Kathmandu.