How Data Analytics can Deliver Health Solutions

Posted by Deerwalk on February 02, 2016
How Data can Lower Costs and Increase Employee Health and Wellness

Pasco County is a sunny metropolitan county located just outside Tampa, Florida. In 2000 to 2010, Pasco County jumped to the 12th most populous county in the country, with a population rising roughly 35%. This increase was attributed to increases in jobs and housing in the outskirts of Tampa. With the population increase expected to grow again by 2030, the pressures on all governmental services, specifically school districts, was immense.

In 2008, the DSBPC targeted an annual trend of 10-12 percent increase in its healthcare spending, which was a large target for cost reduction. To reach this goal, the Pasco County School board created an Insurance Committee to meet with consultants and identify programs to reduce health care spending and increase employee health and wellness. The group consisted of Med-Vision LLC, CareHere Crowne, LLC, and the school district super intendant.


The team, consisting of Deerwalk’s own Katherine Macrone, identified key action items to reduce spendature and increase member engagement in their own wellness. The team then used these items to develop a program drive by employer-sponsored on-site health centers and real-time data analysis feedback on the results. To learn more, click the link below to download the World at Work Case Study.

Click Here to download the free case study!

KatherineMacrone, Account Manager at Deerwalk Incorporated, has vast industry experience in compensation and benefits planning, design, development, and delivery for a variety of organizations and industries. Her areas of expertise include: Market Pricing, Incentive Plan Design, HR Metrics, Data Analysis, Job Classification and Evaluation, Employee Health and Wellness, Benefits Plan Design and Administration, Retirement Plans.

Katherine lives in Tampa, Florida with her family and enjoys running, biking, swimming, tennis and other outdoor activities. She is active in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with her 2 sons and with the school PTA.