Deerwalk Aligns with Deloitte's Six Major Analytic Trends of 2016

Posted by Deerwalk on February 18, 2016


January 2016. With 2016 bringing new trends and changes to the Population Health Management space, Deloitte has identified six major analytic trends for 2016 influencing the “everywhere analytics” world…”where analytics, science, data, and reasoning are embedded into the decision-making process, every day, everywhere in the organization.”Deerwalk has already incorporated meaningful functionalitywithin our Product Suite that is aligned with the next evolution of analytics. This study from Deloitte confirms our market leading position in the delivery of next-generation healthcare analytics.” Tim Huke, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing states.


A few of these analytic industry trends and examples of how Deerwalk is already incorporating functionality within each trend is outlined below.

Trend #2 - Connecting Analytics across the Enterprise

“Insight Driven Analytics (IDO) - deploys a tightly knitted combination of strategy, people, processes and data across the enterprise to deliver insights at the point of action every day, everywhere in the organization.” (page 4, Deloitte Analytics Trends 2016). According to Deloitte this trend is expected to hit its peak by 2019, and will most directly affect the Financial Services, Retail, and Telecommunications Industries.

The DeerwalkOne Product Suite is designed to meet the demand for product integration across all platforms. Deerwalk is the only Population Health Management Company that has truly integrated our three software applications: Plan Analytics, Care Manager, and Health Portal applications. With these three population health management components on the same platform, we allow our clients to study the population to identify opportunities for Care Management, manage those opportunities in Care Manager, and integrate that work with direct correspondence to the member via our Health Portal. This functionality cuts across the care continuum and across the Population Health Management enterprise.

Trend #4 - The Internet of Things

“Innovation has always been a key force in transforming business and society. Increasingly, innovation is occurring as the result of aggregating and analyzing data to create new products and services. The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving from the realm of interesting gadgets to include tracking people as “things” to form new business models—think Uber—and influence people’s behaviors.

Some health insurance firms are monitoring—and giving discounts for—customer fitness activities as revealed by wearable tracking devices...” (page 6, Deloitte Analytics Trends 2016).

The DeerwalkOne Health Portal application is built to integrate data from wearable fitness tracking devices such as FitBit. With our integration of these wearable tracking devices in 2015, our platform retrieves this data, integrates it into the member profile existing in our three major applications, and analyzes it and report on it with actionable insights in real-time.

Trend #5 - Companies Bridge Talent Gap

“Deloitte outlines the problem with a shortage of data scientist talent and predicts the need for over 180,000 people in the US with deep analytical skills by 2018, and more than 5 times that amount (nearly a million people in the US) for data management positions. Furthermore, Deloitte outlines a viable solution for companies having a hard time bridging this talent gap, to "Tap the Talent Ecosystem". Deloitte essentially suggests the development of external partners and providers to "cultivate data scientists" to meet the industry demand.

“This is probably the most exciting trend in the study as far as I’m concerned. As Deerwalk grows and our client’s analytic needs grow, Deerwalk is very well positioned to meet this need, with a wealth of skilled, analytical talent already on board, and a built in ‘data science farm system’ in collaboration with the Deerwalk Institute of Technology. This analytical talent is critical to the success of almost any business and in very short supply,” Tim Huke, Deerwalk’s SVP of Sales and Marketing, says.

Cisco Systems realizes the importance of analytics and data science skills as key for its organization. “The company has launched a five-month training program in partnership with two universities to teach employees from all functions the fundamentals of data science. To date, more than 200 employees have been trained. And for those who acquire the necessary skills, Cisco has created a well-defined career path in data science, with several roles that offer increased responsibilities and compensation over time.” (page 7, Deloitte Analytics Trends 2016).

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