Sneha's Internship at Deerwalk

Posted by Deerwalk on September 14, 2014

This past summer I worked for two weeks with the creative design department in Deerwalk’s office in Sifal. During my time there, I imbibed the work atmosphere which was energetic with morning stand-up meetings, brightly painted offices and casually dressed workers consulting across departments.

With the help of the design team, I learned how to use several software programs. They showed me how they utilized Photoshop to create mockups, Dreamweaver to edit the HTML and CSS code of websites, and Wordpress to create functional sites. Mr. Kanchan Raj Pandey introduced me to the new software and its capabilities. With Ankita, a fellow intern, we explored new tools and created projects using what we learned. Together, we made mockups, logo designs, and formatted web page layouts. Everyone was always willing to answer questions, whether on something I had trouble with or on the task they were completing: one day Arati was kind enough to walk me through the steps on using the pen tool to create paths and shapes.

I was able to sit in on their weekly departmental meetings, where each member summarized his or her progress in the past week and their goals for the next, discussing the details and consulting each other for the best methods to succeed. Arati and Ankita accompanied me to lunch, and some days I went to eat at 3:00 with the rest of the team. Everyone engaged in light conversation in topics ranging from their football competition to their most recently watched episode of Game of Thrones. There was camaraderie among the designers on the team and also among the workers in the office. They filled the canteen with noise, played carom and table tennis in the break room, organized hiking excursions, and played football tournaments. One afternoon, the team went out to eat at Banana Cafe to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. The sense of team spirit was very palpable and is what I will remember most of my time at Deerwalk. I’m grateful to whole Deerwalk team for such a positive experience.

Sneha Silwal Sneha Silwal worked as an Intern in Deerwalk Design Team from July 23 to August 5, 2014. She is currently doing her BS in computer science at Columbia University. Her hobbies include playing the violin and soccer.