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Clinical Notes Mining Service (CNMS)

Posted by Bhaskar Bhattarai on June 10, 2014

1. Executive Summary

Raw text in clinical notes originating from a physician or nurse is invaluable. A significant quantity of meaningful clinical content is buried in the free text. Due to the unstructured nature of these notes, the conventional data-mining methods cannot be directly used. Many healthcare organizations are struggling to make sense of unstructured clinical notes and are losing out on the full potential of newly adopted Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The clinical details[...]

Pharma Compliance Group (PCG) Case Study

Posted by Deerwalk on January 21, 2014


The Pharma Compliance Group (PCG) is the leader in providing regulatory compliance services to the pharmaceutical industry.


PCG came to Deerwalk with a very specific request. PCG wanted to transition from a service heavy company to be a product company with focus on specific services. PCG wanted to invest heavily on building a product so that the ‘know-how’ of the business could be leveraged by a large set of audience and PCG could focus on targeted engagements where[...]

Snowfly Mobile Platform

Posted by Deerwalk on April 01, 2013

Client Profile

Snowfly is a full-service employee recognition and incentive company based in Laramie, Wyoming. It offers and supports a complete workforce incentives system consisting of online programs, motivating rewards, and consultative services. Its proprietary solution allows employers to create, implement, and manage incentive, recognition and reward programs that work as a catalyst for quantifiable improvements in workforce performance, morale, and retention.

Makalu Member Analytics

Posted by Deerwalk on February 04, 2013


Selecting the right primary entities and building proper relationship is the heart of enterprise application design. And, this is common to both NOSQL and SQL world. Besides this, one important factor, in NOSQL world is to design proper structure of primary entities and queries around them. Unlike that in SQL solutions, in most of the NOSQL solutions the structure of the entity resembles the real world object it represents. It makes the solution more flexible. However, the more[...]

Deerwalk Patient Attribution Model

Posted by Deerwalk on November 01, 2012

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Introduction A major criticism of much of current US health care, and the Medicare FFS program in particular, is the lack of accountability for patients’ care (Hackbarth, 2009). With the advent of ACOs, the shared-savings concept holds providers more accountable. Provider's reimbursement would depend on the quality of care they provide, the metrics on patient health they improve.  It is a reward based model and has become increasingly ubiquitous over the past few years.[...]

Deerwalk Diagnosis Groupers

Posted by Deerwalk on July 16, 2012


Deerwalk recently released version 1.0 of its Diagnosis Groupers. Specifically, enhancements in the 1.0 release focus on the expansion of the number of Diagnosis Groupers and “Super Groupers”.  The new Diagnosis Groupings allow the users of Deerwalk products more specificity when using Diagnosis Groupers in data searches and reporting; while the Super Groupers ease reporting when done at an aggregate diagnosis level.

Website Design and Development for Small Businesses

Posted by Deerwalk on February 17, 2012

Client Profile Our client is a Utah based website design company. It offers variety of services including e-commerce website development, flash, database development and rich internet application. It also provides services and strategies to generate traffic, leads, sales and ROI.

Localhem Case Study

Posted by Deerwalk on November 11, 2011

Client Profile

The application is an online shopping portal which provides a platform for boutiques around all over the US to sell their designer product lines. People from all around the world can shop all the best brick-and-mortar boutiques from this one site. Regardless of where someone lives they can stay in touch and shop their favorite stores. For example a person in Seattle who transfers from Boston can still shop their favorite boutiques on Newberry Street from the Northwest.

Patient Centered Medical Home Software

Posted by Deerwalk on June 10, 2011

PDF Download Client Profile Our client was seeking to implement a patient-centered medical homes program for the Medicaid Provider network it was developing. States are adopting Medical Homes for their Medicaid populations to increase access primary providers who will manage their overall care. These populations currently have disjointed, if any, care coordination among their providers. Since the Medical Home concept is just now gaining ground in the US, there are no off the shelf software[...]

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