Deerwalk Use Case: Using Episode Groupers to Create and Monitor a Disease Management Program

Posted by Deerwalk Account Management Team on July 31, 2018


Objective:    A Deerwalk Plan Analytics customer wanted to create a program for managing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Plan Analytics’ Medical Episode Grouper (MEG) allow customers to identify records in a population identifying patients with a specific medical condition, such as reflux-related hernia. Reports identified the average and total cost for the condition within the customer’s population.

The customer then further narrowed the focus of its program using Deerwalk’s SumIt tool to identify the most frequent instances of reflux-related hernia as the primary diagnosis. That selection allowed the customer to target specific members for management in an upcoming campaign focused on healthy lifestyles and non-medical treatments.

The customer now has enhanced value options to augment its program, including:

  • Further refining the results to focus on members who have a higher disease stage, or who had inpatient admissions for reflux-related hernia; and
  • Creating cohorts including those members for custom tracking and reporting.

Customers seeking more information on this Use Case or Plan Analytics’ Medical Episode Grouper should contact their Deerwalk Account Manager.

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