Deerwalk Plan Analytics Version 8.6 Incorporates Updates to the Quality Metrics Used to Identify Gaps in Care

Posted by Deerwalk Engineering Team on March 20, 2019

Deerwalk's latest release of Plan Analytics includes updates to Quality Metrics

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Along with rapid technological innovation, Deerwalk values staying up to speed with the latest industry standards and norms. We are proud to announce the monthly release of Plan Analytics, the flagship population health analytics and reporting application. Plan Analytics version 8.6 primarily includes Quality Metric updates and is available immediately.

Deerwalk Quality Metrics were designed by our clinicians in consultation with a variety of industry-standard sources with the intent of identifying gaps in care. We maintain 114 different quality metrics, categorized by disease state or wellness category, and perform an annual update to ensure that we are continuing to meet the changing standards of the field. After conducting a comprehensive review, we updated 39 of the 114 metrics and increased the compatibility of our metrics with lab data. (Detailed documentation on how each metric is calculated and what changes were made in this release is available to clients upon request.)

  • Quality Metrics support various methods of analysis, all of which are customizable by population. You can:
  1. Run reporting on all 114 Quality Metrics in a single view.
  2. Access the "Comparison" module to assess metric compliance between different populations or groups.
  3. Use the "Member Search" functionality to run data queries using any of the Quality Metrics as a filter category.

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  • During this release, we also updated some icons and made cosmetic enhancements to the report navigation screens to provide a more consistent user experience.
Looking ahead: In version 8.7, Deerwalk will be unveiling new Provider Quality Reports and joining Provider Quality data with claims data in the application.

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