Deerwalk Plan Analytics Version 9.5 Introduces Stop Loss Reporting and Enhancements to Deerwalk Episodes and User Management

Posted by Deerwalk Engineering Team on December 23, 2019

Deerwalk's latest release brings clients stop loss reporting, new episodes of care, and enhanced user management 

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At Deerwalk, our flexible platform technology and agile development methodology allow us to rapidly design new functionality and adapt several of our solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients. This month’s release of Deerwalk Plan Analytics, the flagship population health analytics and reporting application, incorporates new features in version 9.5. Below are the key highlights:

  1. NEW! Stop Loss Reporting
  2. Additions to Deerwalk Episodes
  3. Report Manager Enhancements

1. Stop Loss Reporting

In response to recent customer requests, we are happy to introduce functionality that provides a "one-stop shop" for stop loss reporting. From within Deerwalk Plan Analytics, clients now have access to a data entry portal and two new reports, Specific Stop Loss (i.e., Individual Stop Loss) and Aggregate Stop Loss. The data entry portal allows designated administrative users to enter a group's stop loss contract parameters to calculate specific or aggregate stop loss, including custom parameters such as lasered members, run-in and run-out provisions, and uncommon (non-January) contract renewal months. 

The reports generate an overall financial picture by combining the input contract parameters with medical/pharmacy claims and eligibility data. Reporting that integrates the actual paid claims experience and accounts for specific contract variables simplifies analysis, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of how a group is performing in relation to its stop loss policy. 

Stop Loss entry v9.5

Specific Stop Loss v9.5

Agg Stop Loss v9.5

2. Deerwalk Episodes

Deerwalk Episodes is designed to help you measure the impact of bundled payments on the cost and utilization of services for your population and to compare providers for certain procedures. As part of ongoing efforts to further develop Deerwalk Episodes, we've added 22 new chronic conditions to the existing 50+ episode types. These episode types can be thought of as "episodes of care" and include the cost for the specific procedure as well as the cost for related clinical services (e.g., lab workups and physical therapy sessions) and related pharmacy claims (e.g., medications and drug therapy). You can report on care alert scores and risk-adjusted paid amounts relevant to the episode of care.  

Chronic Con v9.5

2. Report Manager 

We've enhanced our user management portal by adding "user tiers" to give administrators the ability to set up various levels of reporting access by custom tier and assign users accordingly. Administrative users can edit the display name for up to four different tiers and then enable reports per each user tier. Future releases will provide the ability to further configure application functionality at these client-defined tiers. 

User Tiers v9.5

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