Deerwalk Releases Plan Analytics Version 7.8

Posted by Deerwalk Engineering Team on July 11, 2018

Deerwalk is proud to announce enhanced features of Plan Analytics, the flagship population health analytics and reporting application, with version 7.8 released earlier this week. The release is available immediately and includes two new reports; the Trend and Variance Summary report and the Injectable Drug Place of Service Savings report.

The Trend and Variance Summary breaks down the cost and utilization variance and trend over 62 different medical and pharmacy service categories. Variance is defined as the percent change from the comparison period value to the reporting period value. Trend is derived using a linear trend equation between twelve and twenty-four months of data depending on availability.

We anticipate this being one of our more utilized reports. When trying to determine what is driving trends, this report will quickly show the top five service categories driving overall, utilization, and unit cost increases – along with the supporting detail for all 62 service categories.


The Injectable Drug Place of Service Savings report is the seventh report in our prescriptive analytics portfolio. This report provides a comparison of injectable drug costs at an Outpatient Hospital to those performed in an Office setting, providing the potential savings if all injectable drug services were performed in an Office setting. Increasingly, injectable drug services are performed in Office settings because they are more efficient, resulting in lower costs. Employee education and plan design changes such as adding Outpatient Hospital deductibles can be used to incentivize patient choices in favor of less expensive facilities.


This enhancement is part of Deerwalk's ongoing prescriptive analytics development efforts, designed to identify actionable insights and savings opportunities associated with medical and Rx utilization. These efforts have already resulted in the following previously released potential savings reports:

  1. Avoidable ER Visit Savings
  2. Avoidable Admission Savings
  3. Surgery Place of Service Savings
  4. Imaging Place of Service Savings
  5. Brand to Generic Drug Switch Savings
  6. Referenced-based Pricing Savings Opportunities 

The Plan Analytics 7.8 release also features:

2018 Extract Layout Update – The annual data extract update is included in this release and includes a number of improvements and additions. Clients loading the enriched analytical data from Deerwalk into their own enterprise data warehouses or utilizing our hosted Amazon Redshift offering can leverage all of the enhancements immediately in their own business intelligence tools. Highlights from this year are the addition of a Disability data extract, risk score fields to the Member Months extract, and the general availability of the 15 new chronic conditions released in the Plan Analytics 7.7 release.  As a recap those conditions are:

ADHD Cerebral Palsy Lower Back Pain
Alzheimer's Chromosomal Abnormalities Metabolic Disorders
Autism Chronic Respiratory Failure Metabolic Syndrome
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Developmental Disorders, Other Paralysis, Other
CKD Intellectual Disabilities Sickle Cell Disease

Looking ahead: Deerwalk is planning to add two new reports in the upcoming version 7.9 release.  The Opioid Impact report will highlight opioid utilization and cost with a focus on member cohorts who may be at risk for opioid overuse and abuse. The Breast Cancer Treatment Path report will provide a narrative walk-through of care quality indicators for breast cancer utilizing the Plan Analytics Quality Metric engine to track members from diagnosis through treatment.

Customers seeking more information on Release 7.8 should contact their account managers.

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