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DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics 4.0.0 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on April 03, 2015

Comparison Tool

Prior to the 4.0 release a user would need to reset the entire Comparison query if he/she wanted to remove a population or report used in the comparison. With this release, the ability to delete a population or report from the comparison with the click of a button has been added. It will no longer be necessary for the user to reset the entire comparison each time they want to modify their query.

April 3, 2015

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 4.0.0 release of DeerwalkOne Plan Analytics. This release includes the following key features:

Sumit- New Claimant Field in Results

A new column has been added in the results pages for Sumit showing the number of unique claimants for the result. This will allow the user to see the claimant count without needing to click on a “View Members” option and counting the number of unique members listed.

Export to CSV Enhancements

The ability for a user to export 5,000 rows or less directly from Medical Search and Member Search has been added in the 4.0 release. In addition, reports in Financial and Clinical Analytics modules can be exported to CSV without going through Report Manager now.

Quality Metrics to Display

In the Quality Metric report in the Financial Analytics module the user now can select which metrics from the Deerwalk library of quality metrics they would like to display in the report. Previously the metrics in the report were not open to user selection. If you want to set a default set of quality metrics that will display each time that report is generated, you can do that by going to your “Settings”, clicking on the Quality Metrics tab and selecting the metrics to display. In cases where you want to just change the metrics displaying in the Quality Metrics report one time, you can accomplish this by making the metric selection on that report page prior to generating the report.

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