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Makalu 1.3 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on July 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of our healthcare data analytics platform, Makalu. The platform, which utilizes big data technologies such as Hadoop and Elastic Search at its core, is fully private label ready to our customers. The platform's most recent enhancements make it more ready than ever for use by Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Patient-centered Medical Homes. These enhancements include:

  1. Summit Module: This allows for on-the-fly data aggregation off of results produced by our flagship data search engine. The engine allows users to search data from eligibility, claims, EMR, and lab data sources. The Summit module is a result of Deerwalk’s breakthrough technology that allows analysis options not possible in traditional relational database platforms.
  2. Book of Business Norms: Our TPA and ACO customers can now compare analytics of one of their groups, physicians, or other subset against their book of business.
  3. Drill to Detail: Almost every number you see in our Care Analytics module is now clickable to detail so that users can see the transaction level detail for the computed analytics. This provides data transparency to the user which provides valuable meaning to the analytics.
  4. Daily Refresh of Data: With this release we have fully automated daily data upload from our clients and Makalu can now be updated daily as per our client's needs.
  5. Data Warehouse: With this release the Makalu Platform comes with version 1.2 of our data warehouse layout providing greater compatibility and support for client data needs.
  6. Risk Analysis: Incorporating Miliman Advanced Risk Adjustors, client can compare the risk scores of one group to another group and identify members with a high likelihood of Inpatient Hospitalization.

We are very excited about this release and working hard to come out with many exciting features in future releases. We plan to maintain our monthly release cycle for foreseeable future.




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