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Makalu 1.6 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on April 08, 2013

April 08, 2013

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 1.6 release of Makalu, a data analytics platform. This release includes the following key features:

QM in Cascading

Cascading is an application framework that allows for rapid development of data analytics on Apache Hadoop. It is an abstraction of the popular MapReduce software framework that supports distributed computing on large data sets on clusters of computers. By moving to this new framework, Deerwalk will be able to rapidly deliver new sets of Quality Metrics. It also allows us to more easily create integrated unit tests of our metrics to ensure the highest quality.


Deerwalk has contracted with Truven for their commercial benchmark data. Clients will be given the option to include the benchmark data in their Makalu application. In the first release of the benchmarks in Makalu, they will be available in three of our Care Analytic reports. Additional integration of the benchmarks into other sections of Makalu is planned for future release.

HRA/Biometric in Data Search

Currently, Makalu offers a wealth of information from claims data. But claims data alone does not give a full picture of a member’s health information. To expand the clinical functionality of Makalu reporting and analysis, biometric and HRA-type data is being added. This type of data can come from our care management product Everest or from member entered information in Yala, our member portal, for our clients who use these products. In addition, biometric and HRA information from other data sources outside of Deerwalk can be integrated.

Group Level Analytics Added in Dashboard

In Makalu 1.6, a group level dashboard view has been added. It displays the list of the groups for specific client with group level medical, RX, members, subscribers, and PEPM information.

For further inquiries, contact

Jo Anne Hunt
SVP of Clinical Development
Phone: 319-365-0827

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