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Makalu 2.7.0 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on March 03, 2014

March 03, 2014

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 2.7.0 release of Makalu. This release includes the following key features:

Dashboard New UI

Makalu has a new dashboard designed to deliver a quick, meaningful analytical snapshot of the client’s population. Graphical representation of Population Risk, Chronic Condition Utilization, Paid Amounts [PMPM] by Relationship, Distribution of Healthcare Expenses and PMPM Trending allow the user to gather key information at a glance. Each graph has a drill down which displays the underlying detail for the respective category.


Vendor Payments in Makalu

Makalu 2.7 brings new functionality which allows clients to include information on payments to outside vendors. This additional information can be included by clients when looking at healthcare expenses for a given period of time.

Admission Logic for Multiple Vendors

In order to calculate IP Days the first requirement is to determine which method the data vendor is using to encode and then apply it for all members in their file. Previously Makalu used only one admission logic. With the release of Makalu 2.7 alternative admission logics are available to accommodate the varied admission data received from different vendors.

Settings Link

A new cog wheel icon has been added in top right corner of the Makalu application. When a user clicks on the “settings” icon, the Change Password, Profile Settings and Logout links display. The Profile Settings page allows the user to set whether or not intermediate Care Analytics and Search pages will display or not.

For further inquiries, contact

Jo Anne Hunt
SVP of Clinical Development
Phone: 319-365-0827

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