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Makalu 3.0.0 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 3.0.0 release of Makalu. This release includes the following key features:

"Exclude" Filter Capability

With this Makalu release users has the ability to “exclude” in the filters (a diagnosis code, diagnosis grouper, a procedure code, or procedure grouper). This is helpful in identifying members with specific characteristics.


PEPM/PMPM Settings Feature

Currently in Makalu, some screens show data in PEPM (Per Employee per Month) format and others in PMPM (Per Member per Month) format. With this Makalu release users are given the flexibility to switch between the two, as well as the consistency of viewing only one format at a time. An option on the "User Settings" page (US100) has been added so the user can set their preference for viewing information by PEPM or PMPM.

Multiple Level of Aggregation Wise User

The ability for a specific user to have access to PHI or not at the multi- level of aggregation has been added in Makalu. This makes it possible now for Deerwalk to support clients who would like to give limited access to a user(s) without requiring Deerwalk to create a separate user application/role.

Expense Distribution Grid

The added expense distribution grid shows the movement of people within the group from one cost distribution bucket to another. X-Axis shows the distribution of members based on last year's expense distribution and on the Y-Axis shows the distribution of members based on this year's expense.

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Jo Anne Hunt
SVP of Clinical Development
Phone: 319-365-0827

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