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Yala 0.5 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on September 19, 2012

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the initial release of our member portal, Yala. This new product offers your members leading edge content, tools, and interactive learning opportunities to help them make informed choices for maintaining good health. Whether it's identifying health risks or tracking progress toward health goals, the member portal makes it easy for individuals to actively participate in their own healthcare. Yala is private label ready for our clients.

Key features in this Yala release include:

1. Ease in Navigation:

Yala’s dashboard provides a member with access to all tools, resources, assessments and their health history. The user friendly interface allows even those with minimal computer experience to easily navigate throughout the portal. The platform’s flexible design allows clients to highlight those health activities they feel are most important for their members to participate in such as completing an HRA.

2. Health Risk Assessment:

Yala offers an HRA focused on collecting the key pieces of information needed to accurately predict a member’s overall risk and health. Custom client specific HRAs can be used instead of the Deerwalk standard HRA if desired. Historical data from HRAs completed outside of Yala can be imported into the member’s Yala record. Responses collected in the HRA drive recommendations for health behavior changes.

3. My Health History:

Yala’s health history helps members organize and maintain a comprehensive online health history. Information in the health history can be system driven from sources such as medical and pharmacy claims, or entered by the member.

4. Tools & Resources:

Yala takes health management one step further by offering easily accessible, interactive tools that help members recognize health risks. Trackers allow members to monitor their progress in reaching goals in areas such as activity/exercise, blood sugar control, daily fluid intake and weight control.

5. Medical Library A-Z:

This interactive tool is designed to help members quickly find information on health topics of interest. The library contains information on thousands of disease and conditions, wellness topics and nutrition.

6. Drug Information:

Yala’s drug information tools are designed to help individuals learn more about their medications. Information on specific medications can be found in the Drug Search. The Drug Interactions tool allows two or more medications to be checked for potential harmful interactions with each other.

7. Symptom Evaluator:

The Symptom Evaluator offers users an opportunity to enter symptoms they are experiencing and provides information that will help them identify appropriate next steps.

8. Administrative Tools:

Yala offers client administrative tools that allow them to manage some of the Yala application content themselves.

  1. Resource Management: This functionality allows our clients to manage which health website links display in the “Other Resources” section of Yala.
  2. Calculator & Tracker Management: This functionality allows clients to manage which tools and trackers will display in their Yala application. This allows clients to guide member health activities toward those areas they feel are most important.
  3. User Management: This functionality allows clients to manage their Yala users. Clients can view all members eligible for Yala use, member registration status, add/delete users and associate members within a “family” group.

Upcoming Functionality

  1. Care Alerts: Care Alerts will be generated for members who have identified gaps in care. These alerts will be triggered from quality measures in our Makalu product and from information entered on Yala by the member. The Care Alert will be presented to the member in layman terms and are designed to help the member focus their health care activities on closing the gaps.
  2. Incentive Manager: The incentive manager will support clients in administering their own incentive program(s). Yala provides the framework for tracking member completion of activities that generate incentive points.
  3. Secure Messaging: Messages alerting members to new Yala messages, care alerts and reminders will be generated from Yala.
  4. Member Profile: A member specific Profile will be generated when an HRA is completed. Information on identified risks and recommendations will be included.
  5. Integration with Everest: Members and client clinical staff using Everest, Deerwalk’s care management product, will be able to securely message each other allowing for real time coordination of care and reduction of missed educational opportunities. HRAs completed by a member in Yala will automatically have a copy of the completed HRA saved in the member’s Everest online record also.

For further inquiries, contact:

Jo Anne Hunt
VP of Clinical Development
Phone: 781-325-1775

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