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Yala 0.8 Release

Posted by Deerwalk on November 27, 2012

Deerwalk is pleased to announce the 0.8 release of Yala, our member portal. This release consists of the following features:

1. Makalu Care Alerts to Yala

a) My Care Alerts: Specific Care Alerts that display in the member’s Member Profile screen in Makalu are displayed in Yala for the same member. Care Alerts and risk triggers in Makalu that are used by clinical users to identify potentially at risk members but that are not actionable by a member themselves will not be brought into Yala. [An example would be if a member had a 30 day re-admission for COPD.] If Care Alerts exist for a member in Yala, they will display on the Dashboard as shown in the example below. When a Care Alert is no longer in the member’s Makalu Member Profile, the system will also remove the alert from the member’s Yala record.

b) Alert Information: Each Care Alert will have a description of the alert in layman [non-clinical] terms.

c) Manage My Care Alerts: When a user clicks on “Manage My Care Alerts”, a screen like the one below displays to the member. Member can add/update a comment for a Care Alert in Yala. A member cannot remove/edit a Care Alert from their Yala record.


2. Everest to Yala HRA migration

The Deerwalk Adult Health Risk Assessment (AHRA) form exists in both Everest and Yala. In Everest, the AHRA is filled-out by a nurse for the member. In Yala the AHRA is filled-out by the member. If an AHRA is completed in Everest for a member, the member will be able to view a copy of that completed AHRA in Yala. For this functionality to work, the client must use both Everest and Yala products.

3. Admin

Two new pieces of Yala administration functionality were released to clients.

a. Whether Everest integration with Yala on AHRAs is enabled or not will display in a view only format The actual setting of that integration is done in the backend of Yala by Deerwalk and the client cannot change the setting themselves.

b. Not all clients want members to be able to start an AHRA and “save” it without completing all required answers. Clients will be able to set if they want members to have the ability to “save” an assessment without completing the whole assessment, or whether they want the user to only have the option of “Completing” an AHRA.


For further inquiries, contact:

Jo Anne Hunt
VP of Clinical Development
Phone: 781-325-1775

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