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Deerwalk Introduces Reporting to Simplify Stop Loss Analysis

Posted by Deerwalk on January 07, 2020

Deerwalk Brings Clients a "One-Stop Shop" for Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss Reporting

Boston, Stop Loss PR social post 01.07.2020MA (January 7, 2020) - Deerwalk, Inc., an innovative population health management, data management, and healthcare analytics software company is proud to introduce new stop loss reporting functionality. This new reporting provides a "one-stop shop" for stop loss reporting and is available with the latest release of Plan Analytics, Deerwalk’s interoperable healthcare reporting and analytics application.

From within Plan Analytics, clients now have access to a data entry portal and two new reports, Specific Stop Loss (i.e., Individual Stop Loss) and Aggregate Stop Loss. The data entry portal allows users to enter a group's stop loss contract parameters to calculate specific or aggregate stop loss, including custom parameters such as lasered members, run-in and run-out provisions, and uncommon (i.e., non-January) contract renewal months. The reports generate an overall financial picture by combining the input contract parameters with medical/pharmacy claims and eligibility data.

Reporting that integrates the actual paid claims experience and accounts for specific contract variables simplifies analysis, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of how a group is performing in relation to its stop loss policy. Armed with this information, healthcare decision makers can more accurately assess exposure to fluctuating claims costs, easily track where a group is in terms of meeting its stop loss deductible and reimbursement levels, and plan accordingly for budgeting for contractual purposes.

Deerwalk’s Vice President of Product Ed Hausman stated, “From our experience working with a client base that includes over 45 third party administrators, as well as brokers and stop loss entities, we were aware of the need for a better, centralized solution for stop loss reporting. We’ve solved for this by designing a tool that draws on our data expertise to deliver easy-to-use stop loss reporting that is specific to each group’s unique situation and can be easily run and distributed.”

Not only does Deerwalk’s stop loss reporting provide a clearer, more detailed overall picture, but having all this data in one place eliminates the need to collect information from disparate sources (such as carriers, claims databases, and numerous reporting tools) that must then be compiled and reconciled with the stop loss contract. Deerwalk’s dynamic reporting replaces this manual work, essentially automating this time-consuming process by bringing together all of the critical pieces of information into one place to quickly generate a report that can be shared with stakeholders.

To see a live demo of this new functionality, visit or reach out to Tim Huke, Chief Growth Officer at Deerwalk, at (949) 233-4908 or

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Tim Huke, Chief Growth Officer