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Deerwalk Releases Integrated Cost & Quality Reporting to Support the Delivery of High-Value Healthcare

Posted by Deerwalk on April 09, 2019

Deerwalk Plan Analytics Version 8.7 Brings Customers a Suite of New Reports

Boston, Integrated cost and quality blog imageMA (April 9, 2019) - Deerwalk, Inc., an innovative population health management, data management, and healthcare analytics software company is proud to announce enhancements to Plan Analytics, Deerwalk’s interoperable healthcare reporting and analytics application. With the release of Plan Analytics version 8.7, Deerwalk brings customers a suite of new reports that provide the most clear and comprehensive picture when assessing plan performance and the value of care a population is receiving. With these new reports comes new functionality that integrates claims information with provider quality ratings from Quantros CareChex®, an innovative medical quality rating system designed to assist clients in evaluating the quality of inpatient care.

Having access to provider quality information to identify high-quality providers is essential for the proactive management of the health of a population, but this information becomes even more powerful when merged with actual claims data. Deerwalk’s newest reports combine provider quality data with costs as a percentage of Medicare. These reports are presented in easy-to-read quadrant charts which allow for straightforward assessment and comparison of hospital or provider performance against select clinical categories for both cost and quality. From a single view within Plan Analytics, healthcare stakeholders now have a simple tool that allows for the quick and accurate identification of high-quality, low-cost hospitals and physicians.

This enhancement arms decision-makers with the knowledge they need to develop and fine-tune strategies for successful population health management, including health plan design incentives, narrow network design, direct contracting efforts, steerage to top providers, and more.

Deerwalk’s Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Rick, explained, “This latest release will improve healthcare decision-making by giving stakeholders the tools they need to understand the relationship between quality and cost of care. This will ultimately guide them as they look to implement the most appropriate measures to ensure populations are receiving safe, effective, and efficient healthcare.”

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