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Population Health Analytics.....Right Time, Right Solution

Posted by Tim Huke on January 26, 2017

I’ve spent my entire professional career in healthcare - 24 years and counting. The vast majority of that time was spent in the cost containment segment, in particular PPO network management strategies and out-of-network repricing and negotiation strategies. For years, I passionately believed that the products and services I represented were providing value to my clients by reducing their paid claims expense. Over the last 5-7 years of my tenure in that segment of the business it became more[...]

Cloud Computing Explained

Posted by Milan Lamichhane on January 20, 2012

Cloud Computing is all about outsourcing IT infrastructure and applications to run on a remote resource. Most technical people still believe that Cloud Computing is the same as traditional web-hosting model. Among the multiple factors that led to the evolution of Cloud Computing, the way Internet Service Providers (ISP) matured over time is one. The figure below illustrates how ISP turned into Cloud Computing.

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